2019: Brooklyn Voted Amity Little League Stadium Best Youth League!

Amity Little League Stadium
2222 Knapp St.
(718) 648-8135 – www.amitybaseball.com

Are you looking for a better playing experience? Well, you’ve found it. At Amity Baseball, the goal is to make sure each player is better at the end of the season than he/she was at the beginning. Amity Baseball’s teams are coached by certified staff members (Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth certified). They encourage kids to learn new skills and positions all without the fear of failure. They aim to develop players, teach advanced skills and most of all let the kids play and have fun! Amity Baseball strives to give both the players and parents an enjoyable experience. Players from ages 4-18 are welcomed to join. They teach all players, regardless of ability. They want motivated participants who love baseball and want to improve. While the goal is to teach the games they play, they will not stress winning at all costs.