2019: Brooklyn Voted The Jungle Café Best Vegetarian Restaurant!

The Jungle Café
996 Manhattan Ave.
(347) 987-4981 – www.junglecafenyc.com

Jungle Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant in Greenpoint dedicated to nutritious, wholesome vegetarian food at a reasonable cost, using local farmers and ingredients. By using high quality ingredients, utilizing conscious preparation by their employees, supporting vegan cuisine and avoiding animal products, they acknowledge the interconnectedness of our environment, spiritual and physical selves. They present Jungle Cafe to the Greenpoint Brooklyn community with love and gratitude and are delighted to nourish everyone with delicious meals served in a welcoming environment. Using reclaimed wood, community members personally built every last detail in the restaurant. The intention was always – build it with love and people will feel it when they enter. And most guest agree upon entering, it just feels good to be in Jungle Cafe.

2017: Brooklyn Voted DAO PALATE Best Vegetarian Restaurant!

329 Flatbush Avenue
718-638-1995 – www.daopalate.com

Dao Palate – at home on Flatbush Avenue – is famous for its Pan-Asian vegan cuisine. This critically acclaimed restaurant serves up Pan- Asian vegan cuisine such as smoked seitan star and tofu teriyaki in its mellow, meat-free shop. Couple that with an unbeatable, Z en-like vibe and you’ve got the best vegetarian restaurant in town (or, better yet, all of Brooklyn).