2022: Brooklyn Voted Harbor Chico Express Car Service Best Taxi Service!

Harbor Chico Express Car Service
6318 14th Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 236-7777 – chicoexpress.net

Whether they need a taxi to get to JFK or another airport, a trip into Manhattan or another borough for business, or any other reason, Brooklyn residents know to call Chico Express Car Service for fast, dependable service at a reasonable fee. One online reviewer points out she tried Chico’s after Lyft and Uber were going to charge her $75 for a trip. Chico’s charged her $45 for the same trip and arrived in less than five minutes with a “clean and comfortable” car and a “very friendly” driver, she says. Comments from other online reviewers echo some of the same compliments for Chico’s, including one who uses the company for every trip to an airport. So the next time you need a cab, give Chico’s a ring to get immediate service or to book a reservation in advance!

2021: Brooklyn Voted Harbor View Car Service Best Taxi Service!

Harbor View Car Service
9425 5th Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 680-2500 – harborviewtransportation.com

Need a ride? Whether you need transportation to the airport and need to get across the city, Harbor View Car Service has your back. Since 1965, Harbor View Car Service has been entrusted with the responsibility of taking Brooklyn residents from point A to point B time and time again. The company has a variety of car models to choose from, ensuring that you have a comfortable ride that suits your needs. The Harbor View drivers are completely reliable and will make sure that you get to where you need to go safely with the fastest service possible. Just head to the Harbor View website and reserve your ride today.

2020: Brooklyn Voted Harbor View Car Service Best Taxi Service!

Harbor View Car Service
9425 5th Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 680-2500

Since 1965, Harbor View has been getting Brooklynites where they need to go safely and efficiently. Offering a wide variety of rides including SUV’s, town cars, mini vans, and wheelchair-accessible vehicles, Harbor View values your time and their drivers are dedicated to getting you where you’re going on time, comfortably. Those looking to ride regularly for business can even open a corporate account and secure their rides in advance for speed and convenience. For unmatched reliability, Harbor View Car Service the best taxi service in Brooklyn!

2019: Brooklyn Voted 810 Service Car Corp. Best Taxi Service!

810 Service Car Corp.
2672 Pitkin Ave.
(718) 235-5000

If you need to get anywhere in Brooklyn fast and reliably, give a call to 810 Car Service. Conveniently located in Brooklyn and there to serve the community, 810 Car Service is a no fuss cab service that allows you to get where you’re going in good time. Reasonable fares and solid drivers are the hallmark of this Brooklyn cab service. We know that you have no time to waste, as getting across Brooklyn and the rest of New York City can be a hassle. 810 Car Service makes it so that you won’t have to sweat getting to your destination. Relax and get ready for where you’re going while your driver makes sure you’re heading in the right place. 810 Car Service is proud to be part of the community.

2018: Brooklyn Voted Harbor View Car Service Best Taxi Service!

Harbor View Car Service

9425 Fifth Avenue/ (718) 680-2500

Looking for a reliable way to get around? Whether it be a ride home, to the airport or to a fancy occasion, Harbor View Car Service has developed a stellar reputation throughout the borough. The drivers treat their customers like royalty and the prices are affordable.