2020: Brooklyn Voted Milano Custom Tailor Co Inc. Best Tailor!

Milano Custom Tailor Co Inc.
417 86th St, Brooklyn
(718) 238-0566 – www.customtailoringinbrooklynny.com

For the highest quality craftsmanship at the most reasonable prices, Milano Custom Tailor is the best tailor in Brooklyn. Offering not only tailoring but repairs to damaged clothes, every job at Milano Custom Tailor is entirely customized to the customer’s specific needs. The tailor, John, is a true craftsman who puts everything he’s got into every stitch. If you have a high-quality garment that you need to fit like a glove, John is your best bet. For the best alterations in town, look no further than Milano Custom Tailor!

2019: Brooklyn Voted Angela’s Custom Tailor Best Tailor!

Angela’s Custom Tailor
6702 20th Ave.
(718) 232-2294

Angela’s Custom Tailor’s very personable and professional staff makes them the best tailor in Brooklyn. Prices for alterations are reasonable and turnaround time for standard stuff is about a week. People often look for tailors to hold a semi-regular place in their lives, continuing business over months and years. Angela’s Custom Tailor can be that place for you. They offer familiar service with a smile and make sure everything is taken care of when you need it. They’ll make you confident of whatever you need to wear for that special event, that job interview, that family gathering. Angela’s Custom Tailor is part of the Brooklyn community and can be a part of your life.

2018: (Tie) Brooklyn Voted Bridge Cleaners & Tailors Best Tailor!

Bridge Cleaners & Tailors

417 86th Street/ (718) 238-0566

Bridge Cleaners & Tailors has been a staple in New York City for over 80 years. With a state-of-the-art production facility operating out of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Bridge uses environmentally-friendly processes for your finest garments. From the delicate hand of our expert fabric technicians to the years of experience of our professional tailors, your garments are in the best of hands when brought to Bridge Cleaners & Tailors.

2018: (Tie) Brooklyn Voted Milano Custom Tailor Co Inc. Best Tailor!

Milano Custom Tailor Co Inc.

417 86th Street/ (718) 238-0566

Milano Custom Tailoring is a tailor shop located in the heart of Brooklyn where they have been serving our clients for over 18 years. With a combined total of over 45 years working in custom tailoring, their business is second-to-none in getting you the perfect fit for any piece of clothing. Any experience you have at Milano Custom Tailoring is personalized for you. They begin by taking your measurements, which we record for further alterations. After that, they discuss with you what you would like done to your clothing, ensuring that the finished product is what you had expected to receive. This ensures that your clothes fit as they were meant to.