2019: Brooklyn Voted Ho’Brah Best Taco!

8618 3rd Ave.
(718) 680-8226 – www.hobrahtacos.com

Ho’Brah thought long and hard about what they loved most about tacos. ‘Bright flavors’ and ‘fresh ingredients’ were popular choices and soon morphed into ‘healthy lifestyle, summer, sun, and surf’. They shared tales of favorite taco joints they’d visited on vacations around the world; small taco trucks on the Mexican border in San Diego; wood paneled surf-taco joints yards from the ocean in Florida; oversized taco emporiums in Hawaii; and one truly shanty fish shack turned taco stand on the Gulf Coast. They are proud that people from all over New York City, and the world, visit Ho’Brah to see what the fuss is about. They want you to see firsthand that our success comes from our “family first spirit” and commitment to show each and every Guest that they consider them to be family too.

2017: Brooklyn Voted Ho’Brah Best Taco!

8618 Third Avenue. (718) 680-8226. www.hobrahtacos.com

Any night of the week – Ho’Brah is always a good idea. A favorite among locals and visitors alike, Ho’Brah’s unique Mexicali vibe and outstanding food is what keeps the people coming back. With nine totally mouth-watering tacos on the menu, along with a slew of other yummy eats and some delicious drinks, Ho’Brah is the perfect, laid-back spot to enjoy some truly, feel-good cuisine.