2023: Brooklyn Voted America Works Best Staffing Service!

America Works
44 Court Street, 7th Floor, Brooklyn
(718) 797-5627 – americaworks.com

America Works is an exceptional staffing service that has helped countless individuals find meaningful employment. Their team is dedicated to helping job seekers of all backgrounds and experience levels find work that matches their skills and career goals. With a wide network of employer connections, America Works is able to provide job opportunities across a range of industries. What sets America Works apart is their commitment to providing ongoing support to their clients, even after they have secured a job. They offer a variety of services, including job coaching, career development workshops, and access to education and training programs. Thanks to America Works, many individuals have been able to find fulfilling careers and achieve long-term success in their chosen fields.

2022: Brooklyn Voted Labor To The Rescue Best Staffing Service!

Labor To The Rescue
1323 E 15th St, Brooklyn
(718) 336-3280 – labortotherescue.com

Competency, followthrough, and expertise are a shortlist of accolades reserved for a unique labor employment agency most city hiring officials will want when it comes time to fill staffing voids. Labor to the Rescue is an HR dream come true when it’s time to replenish staffing positions for its clients. The company fills a niche in the industry. It is known around the city as a palace you will find a quick response when your business requires kitchen help, drivers, and house cleaners among a vast number of skilled and unskilled labor positions. The pros here can expertly vet and match its candidates with your company’s wishlist. They can provide an apt match for any job opening as briskly as possible. When you have a temporary or permanent staffing void in areas of kitchen help, construction, drivers, house cleaners, and most employment needs you might need, make sure to avail yourself of his unique service!

2021: Brooklyn Voted People Ready Best Staffing Service!

People Ready
4310 3rd Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 499-9675 – www.peopleready.com

Looking to staff your business? PeopleReady has got you covered. This staffing agency works around the clock to make sure you have the best possible candidates and employees that suit your needs. PeopleReady specializes in quick and reliable on-demand labor and highly skilled workers in a number of different fields, including construction, manufacturing and logistics, waste and recycling, and hospitality, just to name a few. PeopleReady has the chops to back up its services — the agency has served 98,000 businesses across the country and gave 490,000 people jobs during 2020, so you know that PeopleReady is truly the best in the business.

2020: Brooklyn Voted Labor To The Rescue Best Staffing Service!

Labor To The Rescue
1323 E 15th St, Brooklyn
(718) 336-3280 – www.labortotherescue.com

When you need a squadron of skilled workers, there’s only one place in the borough to turn to. Labor to the Rescue specializes in both semi-skilled and unskilled workers, for when you need the right person for the job and you need them fast. Labor to the Rescue was started by CEO Nicole Levine in 1994, who as a working single mother of three often needed help with childcare. As a result of her search for the perfect candidate, Labor to the Rescue was born. For staffing solutions with perfection in mind, Labor to the Rescue is the best in Brooklyn!

2019: Brooklyn Voted Five Star Staffing Service Best Staffing Service!

Five Star Staffing Service
4714 Fort Hamilton Pkwy.
(718) 534-7400 – www.fsnursing.com

At Five Star, they strive to meet your staffing needs. They factor locations and shifts for your facilities and match you with the best caregivers. Your satisfaction is the measure of their success. Their professionally-trained screeners verify the authenticity of all staffing candidates, including via: Reference checks, Criminal history checks, Competency checks, Sex offender checks, 1:1 interviews, Health history/exam checks, Knowledge quizzes, Training and testing. Every facility and employee has a designated Five Star coordinator. Additionally, they have on call service if needed, 24/7, 365 days a year. Their Brooklyn location in Fort Hamilton means you’ll be working with a company that knows the talent in the area. Five Star Nursing offers Superior Staffing Services to our Clients. Get to know them and you’ll quickly see why they’re better.

2018: Brooklyn Voted America Works of New York, Inc. Best Staffing Service!

America Works of New York, Inc.

44 Court Street/ (718) 797-5627

America Works lifts people out of poverty using its unique brand of intensive, personalized employment services. Called “a company with a conscience,” America Works was founded in 1984 by social activist and entrepreneur, Peter Cove, who wanted to put his ideals about poverty and the American dream into practice. Their mission is to equip each individual who comes to our offices with the right tools so that they are able to provide for themselves and their loved ones.