2022: Brooklyn Voted Jocelyn M Wood, SLP, PLLC Best Speech Language Pathologist!

Jocelyn M Wood, SLP, PLLC
1155 Ocean Ave
(347) 709-2320 – jocelynmwood.com

Children vary in their development of speech and once they learn, being able to communicate and be understood changes their experience when playing and learning. That is why it is so important to help your toddler learn to speak. Jocelyn M. Wood works with children of all ages to help them develop important language skills so they can share their ideas and be better understood. The youngest children begin the process at two or three. With Jocelyn, they can improve their vocabulary and communicate it succinctly. Even if they can’t verbalize everything they want to say, their pronunciation will improve once they’re engaged in a Jocelyn M. Wood with her open and consistent nature and successful speech therapy brings out the communicator in your little one.