2019: Brooklyn Voted Clover Club Best Speakeasy!

Clover Club
210 Smith St.
(718)-855-7939 – www.cloverclubny.com

It’s no secret that Clover Club is the premiere cocktail bar in Brooklyn, but they’re also the borough’s best speakeasy. With its classic cocktail vibe, you can enjoy an evening of true hospitality, including live jazz and a cozy back room with a fireplace. The staff and management at the Clover Club want you to drink and eat and, above all, talk, and they do their best to provide a place where you can enjoy such things to their fullest.

2017: Brooklyn Voted Weather Up and Clover Club Best Speakeasy!

Weather Up
589 Vanderbilt Avenue
(212) 766 -3202
Looking for a cozy place to cozy up to that craft martini? Vanderbilt Avenue’s Weather Up, a true-to-form, old-school SpeakEasy with an underground vibe and an impeccable variety of spirits, has everything you need. The drinks will keep you coming back but the affordable prices will have you staying all night.



210 Smith Street

(718) 855-7939


Clover Club is the premiere cocktail bar in Brooklyn. Sure, that means exquisite cocktails, real food and an atmosphere of true hospitality. But it’s a Brooklyn cocktail bar, so that also means no velvet rope, a low-key, neighborhood vibe, live jazz from time to time and a cozy back room with a fireplace. Oh, and brunch, because you need brunch.