2019: Brooklyn Voted Baya Bar Best Smoothie!

Baya Bar
9417 3rd Ave.
(718) 360-5005 – www.thebayabar.com

Smoothies and smoothie bowls are hand-crafted at Baya Bar to increase freshness, fiber, fuel and fun. Made with organic coconut milk, our products are packed with healthy fats and nutrient-rich ingredients to power you through your day. They take pride in balancing wellness and flavor to improve your mood, your productivity and your energy level. Baya’s commitment to organic base ingredients, NO added sweeteners and organic dairy alternatives give you all of the good… without the bad. The staff is so friendly and the place is spotless. Something as fresh as their delicious Bella Nutella açai bowl can be made in just a few short minutes! Consider Baya Bowl to be a version of fast food that allows you to eat healthy, feel good and get on with your day.

2017: Brooklyn Voted Juice Generation Best Smoothie!

Juice Generation
210 Bedford Avenue. (718) 782-5075. www.juicegeneration.com

Since 1999, the independently owned and operate Juice Generation has seen thousands of New Yorkers pour into their stores for their daily fix of fresh juice. From must-have juices and smoothies to fresh, ready-to-go meals, Juice Generation is the way to go if you’re looking for something good and good for you.