2024: Brooklyn Voted Off Shore Diner Best Rice Pudding!

Off Shore Diner
7822 3rd Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 921-59009 – offshorediner.com

In a borough full of sweet treats, you can’t sleep on rice pudding. Brooklyn’s Off Shore Diner offers the best rice pudding in the city, delighting customers with its creamy texture and comforting flavors. The classic dessert is lovingly prepared using a family recipe that’s been passed down through generations. The perfectly cooked rice is blended with rich, velvety milk and a hint of vanilla, then gently simmered to achieve a luscious consistency. The pudding is finished with a dusting of cinnamon and a sprinkle of golden raisins for added sweetness. Off Shore Diner’s rice pudding is a true treat for the senses.