2019: Brooklyn Voted Natalie Davis Psychic in Brooklyn Best Psychic!

Natalie Davis Psychic in Brooklyn
8514 5th Ave., Second Floor
(718) 688-2959 – www.nataliedavispsychic.com

Let Natalie Davis see what your future holds! Natalie has more than 43 years of experience; she’s been doing psychic readings since she was 7 years old. A fifth generation psychic, she does palm, tarot card, aura readings, chakra balancing and past life regression. Natalie also does holistic healing and life coaching. She can tell you about your past, present, future, love, business, marriage your well-being and your job. Natalie can also give you names and descriptions of people who are positive or negative influences in your life. Her speciality is relationship readings. She can reveal if your mate is true or false to you. Any questions about you current relationships, she can give you the answers.

2018: Brooklyn Voted Tracy Atkinson Astrology Best Psychic!

Tracy Atkinson Astrology

167 Hicks Street #5, (347) 489-9797

Tracy Atkinson specializes in the hypnotherapy, life coaching and Vedic astrology.  She offers transformational hypnotherapy and coaching sessions as well as a full range of astrology readings. She also does full life astrology readings, prediction, timing of relationships and relationship compatibility, career analysis, solar return, relocation astrology and electional astrology for starting a project or setting a date for an important event.