2022: Brooklyn Voted Brooklyn Premier Orthopedics Best Orthopedist!

Brooklyn Premier Orthopedics
14-14 Newkirk Ave
(718) 759-6100 – bportho.com

Whether you think you’ve broken or fractured a bone or pulled a muscle while playing football or after falling out of your bed in the middle of the night and slamming your knee on the floor, you’re going to want to get your injury checked out by an orthopedist. Especially if you’re in pain. And a great option is Brooklyn Premier Orthopedics, which has been voted the borough’s best orthopedist. The comprehensive orthopedic and pain management practice has multiple locations, each staffed with experienced, board-certified physicians and certified physical assistants who can address all your orthopedic and pain management needs. The practice strives to provide convenience, from its online appointment and medical intake forms to the personalized approach you will experience starting with your first visit. So what are you waiting for? If you just took somebody’s suggestion to “break a leg” too literally before performing on stage, contact Brooklyn Premier Orthopedics online or by phone to make an appointment.