2019: Brooklyn Voted Brooklyn Barge Bar Best New Bar!

Brooklyn Barge Bar
3 Milton St.
(929) 337-7212 – www.thebrooklynbarge.com

The Brooklyn Barge is a vibrant waterfront community with a restaurant and bar on a floating barge. They partner with leading educational organizations in the city to provide space for experiential learning and environmental study of the East River. The Brooklyn Barge’s recreational water activities include scientific and historic programs dedicated to building a community center in Greenpoint. They’re a unique restaurant that provides opportunities within the community they serve. Many places make their home in Brooklyn, but few have come in and so soon and become truly “of the city.” They’re here to serve you drinks and serve you with a sense of history. Few experiences like it throughout the borough and throughout New York City. A chance to enjoy a drink on the water.

2017: Brooklyn Voted Bar Omar Best New Bar!

Bar Omar
188 Grand Street
(718) 388-0411

In the 1970s, Omar Guerda was among the first to introduce North African flavors to Parisians. Chez Omar, in the Marais, quickly became a staple in the rich Paris restaurant landscape, where next-door neighbors and international artists alike enjoyed gathering. In 2016, a sister location opened in the bustling neighborhood of Williamsburg. Since then, Bar Omar has become a local favorite among Brooklynites for its atmosphere, great eats and healthy drink selection.