2022: Brooklyn Voted Meineke Car Care Center Best Muffler Shop!

Meineke Car Care Center
8914 Church Ave
(646) 561-9481 – meineke.com

Mufflers are meant for more than just cutting down on the sound your car makes. Your vehicle’s exhaust system ensures toxic fumes stay out of your car, and works to make your engine run correctly. It also helps give you the best possible fuel efficiency and cuts emissions that pollute the air. Whether your muffler’s on the fritz, or you’re looking for a whole new system, the best place to go is Meineke Car Care Center. Since opening its first location got up in Houston, Texas in 1972, Meineke has worked to create a network of friendly, locally-owned shops led by true car care pros that make dealing with just about any bump in the road feel like a breeze.