2019: Brooklyn Voted United Artists Sheepshead Bay 14 IMAX & RPX Best Movie Theater!

United Artists Sheepshead Bay 14 IMAX & RPX
3907 Shore Pkwy.
(844) 462-7342 – www.regmovies.com

Our company established the Regal Foundation in 2003 as a non-profit charitable organization to coordinate support for numerous national and local philanthropic groups. The Regal Foundation supports the communities in which Regal operates by partnering with selected charities. Across the United States, Regal Entertainment Group gives back to the communities that our theatres serve. We concentrate our support with selected organizations in order to make the greatest impact. Regal Entertainment Group and The Regal Foundation are extremely proud of the successful relationships we have built with our charitable partners. The Regal Foundation has committed our budget and resources with existing partners. There’s no place in the borough better to sit down, relax and enjoy a laugh, some action or even a thriller any night of the week.

2018: Brooklyn Voted Alpine Cinema Best Movie Theater!

Alpine Cinema
6817 Fifth Avenue (718-748-4200)
With most neighborhood movie theaters gone, it’s comforting to know that Brooklyn’s best has stood the test of time. Wonderfully located in the heart of Bay Ridge, Alpine Cinema has been around for decades and has provided endless hours of entertaining and blockbuster films for attendees of all generations. In a time where going to the movies is expensive, Alpine has managed to keep its venue affordable and family friendly, so that tradition can continue.