2019: Brooklyn Voted Atlantic Surgical Supply Company Best Medical and Surgical Supply Store!

Atlantic Surgical Supply Company
3338 Nostrand Ave.
(718) 236-5354

Offering the best in medical supplies, surgical supplies and orthopedic appliances to take care of you when you most need it. Atlantic Surgical Supply Company is your best local option for the things that will help you in any medical situation. These are the products that will help keep people alive and healthy, so there’s no reason to go for any less than the best. Atlantic Surgical Supply Company has excellent customer service and a wide variety of the best products in the industry that will allow Brooklyn’s surgeons to remain the most innovating and efficient they can be. Atlantic Surgical Supply Company is your one stop shop for all of your surgery supply needs, because you can’t afford any less than the best.

2018: Brooklyn Voted Globe Surgical Supply Best Medical and Surgical Supply Store!

Globe Surgical Supply
403 86th Street (718) 745-1252
Reliability is the name of the game at Globe Surgical Supply in Bay Ridge. The medical and surgical supply store is known not only for its wide range of — you guessed it — medical supplies, but also for its customer service, hours, and all around convenience. Couple all of that with its stellar reviews online and it’s safe to say that Globe Surgical Supply should be your go-to. After all, it is most of Brooklyn’s.