2019: Brooklyn Voted Champions Martial Arts Best Martial Arts!

Champions Martial Arts
362 7th Avenue
(718) 788-5425 – www.championstkd.com

Nationally Ultimate Champions Taekwondo has been recognized to be one of the top Taekwondo organizations. Their proven network of highly skilled Masters & Instructors help us provide the best instruction for students. Their strength in unity help to provide not only the best instruction but work together to do great community work including doing events for St. Judes Childrens Hospital which they raised over $100,000. All schools are individually owned and operated. Ultimate Champions Taekwondo locations unify in Taekwondo to participate in tournaments nationally and internationally. Ultimate Champions Taekwondo participates in demonstrations in the tri-state area providing a fun filled demonstration with flying kicks, flashing nunchakus, bos, kamas. You can expect to see board breaking, balloon popping, brick & cement power breaks along with flashy fire breaks as well. The team has performed for most major league sports teams as well as many large organizations.

2018: Brooklyn Voted Tiger Schulmann’s Best Martial Arts!

Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts
530 86th Street/ (347) 352-8998

This is the top when it comes to martial arts. For adults, emphasis is on achieving peak fitness using a systematic regimen of techniques which maximize aerobic capacity, strength, flexibility, endurance, and self-defense skills. For children, our specialized program offers a safe, fun and exciting environment. They learn self-discipline, the ability to set and achieve goals, and a powerful sense of accomplishment.