2021: Brooklyn Voted Beat The Bomb NYC Best Escape Room! (Tie)

Beat The Bomb NYC
255 Water St, Brooklyn
(917) 983-1115 – www.beatthebomb.com

What’s more fun than trying to beat the clock while wearing a hazmat suit? Experience the world’s first paint-based escape room right here in Brooklyn! The world’s first immersive social video game company, Beat The Bomb is an interactive escape room in which participants have 60 minutes to solve a puzzle and defuse an exploding paint bomb while decked out head-to-toe in protective gear. Perfect for kids, date night, corporate team-building outings, or just about any other party — Beat The Bomb is all the fun of an escape room mixed with all the fun of getting splattered with paint! Work in teams of 2 to 6 or 7 or more, either way, it’s fun for everyone!

2021: Brooklyn Voted Shipwrecked Brooklyn Best Escape Room! (Tie)

Shipwrecked Brooklyn
621 Court St 2nd Fl, Brooklyn
(718) 852-4653 – www.shipwreckednyc.com

Can you escape the room? Find out at Shipwrecked Brooklyn! Doing an escape room is a great activity for friends and family, and also makes for a great team building exercise. Shipwrecked Brooklyn offers three different escape rooms with intriguing themes that will keep you engaged the entire time. You can search for gold in the Temple Escape room, find your way around a spacecraft in Mission: Reactor, or try to fend off a scorned widow in the Haunted room, so there is truly something for any group that walks into Shipwrecked Brooklyn. You only have one hour to escape; think you can do it?

2020: Brooklyn Voted Brooklyn Escape Room Best Escape Room!

Brooklyn Escape Room
594 Pacific St, Brooklyn
(347) 721-3350 – www.brooklynescaperoom.com

Choose your adventure at the Brooklyn Escape Room with three different themed rooms: Shelter R, The Haunted and Medieval Dungeon. A great activity for kids and adults, the professional set design will transport you to Medieval Europe in a realistic dungeon, a dystopian future shelter or a haunted house where you’ll find clues and solve challenging puzzles to escape the room before time runs out. The escape rooms are focused on small groups of 2-8 teammates. Looking to book a corporate event or birthday party? Reserve a room for a private event with a setup of tables for food and entertainment.