2019: Brooklyn Voted Empanada Loca Best Latin Restaurant!

Empanada Loca
606 5th Avenue
(718) 369-2118 – www.empanadaloca.com

Great food is the universal love language—especially when it’s Latin influenced. As Brooklyn natives, Empanada Loca wanted to provide their own South Slope neighborhood with a unique experience of the worldwide comfort food—empanadas. Here at Empanada Loca, they’ve grounded themselves in the traditions of Latin American cuisine. Hailing from Colombia, their head chef, Rosa Suarez, masterfully recreates the generations-old recipes passed down to her by her mother. From those roots, they’ve developed an inspired recipe for over 42 types of Empanadas. Alongside their crave-worthy empanadas, they’ve assembled an array of carefully crafted sauces and other fusion dishes. Although the flavors they put into our plates are expansive, the integrity of each meal remains constant. Whether baked or fried, food should be honest, and that’s how they make it; using only top notch ingredients and sourcing locally and grass-fed meats whenever possible.