Brooklyn Voted Dahill Landscape Design Best Landscaping!

Dahill Landscape Design
630 Dahill Road, Brooklyn
(718) 438-0616 –

Serving Brooklynites since 1923, Dahill Landscape Design is the perfect place for all your landscaping needs. They have an experienced crew with over 75 years of experience in the gardening profession, and they’ll help transform any dull space into a marvelous plant-based haven that is both functional and beautiful. Their passion for their craft is evident in the final product, leaving clients thrilled with their newly designed outdoor spaces. You may have a small job or a large project, and you may be an expert or just beginning — either way, Dahill Landscape Design is the place to go! Call them now for a consultation. You won’t regret it!

2022: Brooklyn Voted M&D Landscaping & Gardening Best Landscaping!

M&D Landscaping & Gardening
2262 Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 265-3314 –

M&D Nursery & Equipment has been around the neighborhood for as far back as longtime local landscapers and home gardeners can remember. The business is known for stocking lush, healthy plants of every vegetable and beautiful flowers plus scores of materials that bring your curb appeal and yard in top shape come spring. The legion of customers that rely on the staff’s expertise whether to help determine a lovely color-combination or pattern of sun and shade plantings or needing a bit of schooling in the use of an unfamiliar piece of lawn equipment you want to purchase, know to check in with M & D technicians for any question an outdoor enthusiast would want to ask. Head over to this nursery when the warm season inspires you to create your outdoor haven to enjoy all summer. They have everything you need to make your home the curb envy spot on the block!

2021: Brooklyn Voted Kings County Nurseries Inc. Best Landscaping!

Kings County Nurseries Inc.
625 New York Ave
(718) 493-2363 –

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to first impressions of homes, it’s most certainly in the eye of the landscaper. Kings County Nurseries first opened its doors in 1955 in a predominately Italian immigrant neighborhood. It all started with three brothers and their love for gardening. That love turned into a neighborhood foundation that has been family-owned-and-operated for over 65 years. Specializing in both commercial and residential landscaping, the team at Kings County Nurseries works hard to bring out the beauty in even the most barren of Brooklyn brownstones. The trusted landscapers are all about working with their clients to bring properties to life, and help grows residents’ and fellow business owners’ green thumbs in the process.

2020: Brooklyn Voted Modern Landscaping & Garden Best Landscaping!

Modern Landscaping & Garden
8201 14th Ave
(718) 833-2717 –

Greenspace in the city is something you should take pride in, so you’ll need people who know what they’re doing to create something truly impressive. Modern Landscaping and Garden understands this, and works to create works of landscaped art that are something to be proud of. Whether you’re looking for a rock garden, mulch bed, walkway, irrigation system, or patio installation, Modern Landscaping is your go-to for providing the best landscaping in the borough.

2019: Brooklyn Voted Angelo Marra Landscaping Best Landscaping!

Angelo Marra Landscaping
2136 83rd St.
(718) 837-0318

Your front lawn’s appearance sends a message to the rest of the world about your home. Angelo Marra Landscaping can help you send whatever message you want and beautify the outside of your house. Angelo Marra Landscaping features landscapers with great variety to best serve their clients. They have a helpful staff that gets the job done. Angelo Marra Landscaping can take the plan that you have for your home or business and put it into action, creating a beautiful, professional landscape that reaches out to anyone who passes by your home or business. Every day, they’re helping create the best landscapes in Brooklyn. They provide great service locally from their headquarters in Bath Beach and will give you everything that you need to beautify your home.