2019: Brooklyn Voted Fushimi Best Japanese Restaurant!

475 Driggs Avenue
(718) 963-2555 – www.fushimigroup.com

Get an authentic taste of Tokyo without traveling far at Fushimi in Bay Ridge. Fushimi’s dishes are extremely exquisite to the taste buds; the cream of the crop. They boast impeccable food, superior service, trendy ambiance and opulent decor. The Bay Ridge location serves the neighborhood with pride and offers a terrific version of Fushimi’s Asian cuisine. There’s no more convenient place to go for some of the best food in the city of New York.

2017: Brooklyn Voted Fushimi Best Japanese Restaurant!


9316 Fourth Avenue (718) 833-7788 www.fushimigroup.com

This excitingly chic Japanese eatery, located just off the last stop of the R line in Brooklyn, is the best of the best when it comes to Japanese in the borough. Fushimi fuses traditional Japanese food with inventive French inspired nouvelle cuisines, and is only accentuated by its talented chefs. The cream of the crop, Fushimi is the best of all worlds, encompassing excellent sushi with opulent, eye-catching décor, as well as a burgeoning nightlife. Pair that with its loyal fan base and awesome atmosphere and it’s no surprise Fushimi gets to take home the top prize for best Japanese borough-wide.