2021: Brooklyn Voted Dr. John Kehoe, MD Best Oncology!

Dr. John Kehoe, MD
9711 3rd Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 921-3800 – johnkehoemd.com

Breast health can be scary because, for so many women, the scary “C” word hangs over their heads. For Dr. John Kehoe, MD, healing is a calling — and anybody he’s treated will tell you his work is a gift. Over two decades ago, the Memorial Sloan Kettering trained breast cancer surgeon and surgical oncologist founded and developed a private, full service, free standing breast cancer diagnosis and treatment center. To this day, he treats patients from Brooklyn and beyond, offering a level of care and comfort unmatched when it comes to breast cancer screening, treatment, diagnosis and follow up. He is regarded as the best — and the kindest — in the business, and can make even the most stressful of appointments feel like a breeze. And he does it all while giving back to his local community, too.