2019: Brooklyn Voted Giovanni’s Brooklyn Eat Best Gluten-Free Menu Options!

Giovanni’s Brooklyn Eat
1657 8th Ave.
(718) 788-8001

It’s not easy to find great gluten-free Italian cuisine, but Giovanni’s Brooklyn Eats has mastered the gluten-free menu with plenty of flavor! Giovanni’s offers real Italian dishes made from real Italian family recipes, prepared and served in a restaurant created and run by an owner raised in a real Brooklyn Italian household. Giovanni hopes you’ll also see the love and passion he tries to bring to every element of your dining experience: the fresh ingredients, the Tafuri family recipes, the irresistible tastes, the vintage family photos and heirlooms that make the restaurant feel like home, and the value for your hard-earned dollar.

2017: Brooklyn Voted Bareburger Best Gluten-Free Menu Options!


170 Seventh Avenue (718) 768-2273 www.bareburger.com

It may be a chain restaurant, but Bareburger’s roots run deep in Brooklyn. Its Seventh Avenue location, located in the heart of Park Slope, takes the cake for the best gluten-free menu options in the entire borough. This organic-oriented chain burger joint, founded in 2009, serves up all-natural, free-range meats at almost 50 worldwide (that’s right, there’s one in Germany). That alone makes it easy to see why Bareburger is the best at what it does – and that includes an extensive gluten-free menu, making it a friendly restaurant for all hungry eaters of Brooklyn.