2023: Brooklyn Voted Gino’s Best Family Restaurant!

7414 5th Avenue, Brooklyn
(718) 748-1698 – ginosbayridge.com

Gino’s restaurant in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge neighborhood is a beloved family-friendly establishment that has been serving delicious Italian cuisine for over two decades. The cozy ambiance of the restaurant creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests, and the friendly staff makes diners feel right at home. Families with children are particularly drawn to Gino’s, as the menu offers a range of dishes that cater to all palates, including pasta, pizza, and seafood. The portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable, making it a great spot for a casual family meal or a special occasion. Overall, Gino’s restaurant is a go-to spot for those seeking a delicious meal in a relaxed and inviting environment.

2022: Brooklyn Voted Greenhouse Cafe Best Family Restaurant!

Greenhouse Cafe
77-17 3rd Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 833-8200 – Greenhousecafe.com

For a great meal out with the family, there’s Greenhouse Cafe. Since 1979, Greenhouse Cafe has been a staple in the Bay Ridge community with three large dining rooms offering plenty of room for groups. Whether you are looking to celebrate a special occasion or just want a night out of family fun, Greenhouse Cafe has got you covered. When you step into Greenhouse Cafe, you are immediately greeted by a comfortable and inviting atmosphere that is great for all ages. The menu has a variety of a la carte and complete dinner options, so there is something for everyone who walks through the door. You can also come by on Saturdays and Sundays for a delicious brunch with the family!

2021: Brooklyn Voted Gino’s Best Family Restaurant!

7414 5th Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 748-1698 – www.ginosbayridge.com

It can be hard to find a place for dinner that everyone in the family loves. Well…everyone knows Gino’s. Better yet, everyone loves Gino’s. This decades-old southern Brooklyn mainstay was voted the best restaurant in all of Brooklyn. At home on Fifth Avenue since circa-1964, this old-fashioned Italian restaurant has changed with the times while never sacrificing its heart and soul: evident in each of its dishes, and in its dedicated staff. At this family-owned-and-operated Italian restaurant, everyone feels like family — and it’s good for the whole family! From mouthwatering pizzas, specialty sandwiches, and appetizers to decadent and elegant main courses and a wine menu that might as well be for its own restaurant, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Gino’s.

2020: Brooklyn Voted Greenhouse Cafe Best Family Restaurant!

Greenhose Cafe
7717 3rd Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 833-8200www.greenhousecafe.com

In the heart of Bay Ridge, the Greenhouse Cafe has been serving up the best continental cuisine in Brooklyn since 1979. Families from across the borough come to the Greenhouse to celebrate milestones, or just pass the time with a leisurely lunch. Large parties can rent out a private room and those looking to get down can expect live music on weekend nights. With a menu spanning from lobster tails and clams to eggplant rollatini and penne alla vodka, there’s truly something for everybody!

2019: Brooklyn Voted Giacomo’s Wood Fired Pizza & Trattoria Best Family Restaurant!

Giacomo’s Wood Fired Pizza & Trattoria
7902 3rd Avenue
(718) 439-6993 – www.giacomopizza.com

Take the whole family out to Giacomo’s Wood Fired Pizza and Trattoria for a special meal served by a warm staff that will make you feel right at home. The restaurant features authentic Italian cuisine prepared by renowned Italian chefs and real brick oven pizza baked in wood burning oven imported from Italy. Giacomo’s takes pride in what they cook. Giacomo, the owner, is always on site making sure everything is to his standards and on some nights he is making pizza or cooking in the kitchen. They also contain an excellent dessert menu that will make you hope that you left room for more after dinner. Giacomo and his family have been in the Restaurant/pizzeria business for over 40 years.

2017: Brooklyn Voted Giacomo’s Wood Fired Pizza & Trattoria Best Family Restaurant!

Giacomo’s Wood Fired Pizza & Trattoria

7902 Third Avenue (718) 439-6993 www.giacomopizza.com

Though still relatively new to the nabe, Giacomo’s Wood Fired Pizza & Trattoria has already made a name for itself far beyond its roots in Bay Ridge. The authentic Italian-style restaurant debuted at the corner of 79th Street and Third Avenue in September, 2011 and has since proved that is has staying power, be it because of its exceptional fare, or its unbeatable customer service and wait staff. Founded by a family that has been in the restaurant and pizzeria businesses for over 40 years, it’s no wonder Giacomo’s knows what it’s doing. Its menu boasts everything from classic Italian dishes like baked ziti and gnocchi, to parmigiana heroes and its fan-favorite wood fired pizzas. That, and its relaxed atmosphere, helps to make it the best family restaurant in all of Brooklyn.