2017: Brooklyn Voted Giacomo’s Wood Fired Pizza & Trattoria Best Family Restaurant!

Giacomo’s Wood Fired Pizza & Trattoria

7902 Third Avenue (718) 439-6993 www.giacomopizza.com

Though still relatively new to the nabe, Giacomo’s Wood Fired Pizza & Trattoria has already made a name for itself far beyond its roots in Bay Ridge. The authentic Italian-style restaurant debuted at the corner of 79th Street and Third Avenue in September, 2011 and has since proved that is has staying power, be it because of its exceptional fare, or its unbeatable customer service and wait staff. Founded by a family that has been in the restaurant and pizzeria businesses for over 40 years, it’s no wonder Giacomo’s knows what it’s doing. Its menu boasts everything from classic Italian dishes like baked ziti and gnocchi, to parmigiana heroes and its fan-favorite wood fired pizzas. That, and its relaxed atmosphere, helps to make it the best family restaurant in all of Brooklyn.