2019: Brooklyn Voted Tanoreen Best Falafel!

7523 3rd Ave.
(718) 748-5600 – www.tanoreen.com

Thinking about something different for lunch or dinner? Try the incredible falafel served at Tanoreen in Bay Ridge. The scrumptious, deep fried garbanzo bean balls, seasoned well with herbs and spices, can be enjoyed on a platter or a pita, complemented with tahini (sesame paste) or tzatziki sauce. It’s just one of the many Middle Eastern staples offered by Tanoreen, served up by chef Rawia. Give falafel a try tonight!

2017: Brooklyn Voted Oasis Best Falafel!


214 3rd St. Brooklyn, NY (718) 722-3211. www.chickpeaandolive.com

With a name truly fitting of its delicious eats, Oasis on North Seventh Street is a true gem in the heart of Williamsburg. Their falafel is all kinds of crispy, chickpea goodness and has even the most devoted shawarma lovers coming back for more.