Are you looking for the perfect fabric for your next project? Look no further than the best fabric store in Brooklyn. Our readers have nominated and voted for the best fabric store in the borough, and we’re here to share the results with you. Whether you’re looking for a specific fabric or just want to browse, you’re sure to find something you love at this top-rated store.

2024: Brooklyn Voted J & A Fabrics Best Fabric Store!

J & A Fabrics
909 5th Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 238-1440 –

If you’re all about that fabric life, J & A Fabrics in Brooklyn is your dream destination! With an extensive selection ranging from novelty and dress fabrics to upholstery and decorative styles, J & A Fabrics is a haven for all things textile. These fabric enthusiasts offer more than just materials; they’re pros at reupholstery and creating custom-made cushions for bay window seats, swings, benches, and rocking chairs—basically any place you’d want to sit and stitch! Got a cushion need? They’ve got you covered. The real thread winner here is their commitment to affordability and quality, boasting the lowest prices in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The dedicated team is always ready to lend a hand and ensure you find just what you’re looking for.

2023: Brooklyn Voted J & A Fabrics Best Fabric Store!

J & A Fabrics
909 5th Avenue, Brooklyn
(718) 238-1440 –

J&A Fabrics Is family owned and operated by Angel, who is formerly of Dan Sacks Fabrics. Angel has been a part of the fabrics business for more than 30 years, working in Bay Ridge. Whatever the project is that you need fabric for, J&A Fabrics will have your back — and the end result will be perfect, because you went to the best in the business.

2022: Brooklyn Voted Fabrics Save-A-Thon Stores Best Fabric Store! 

Fabrics Save-A-Thon Stores
24-52 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn
(718) 258-8500

Crafters, unite! If you are in need of a lot of fabric for your next project, you need to head to Fabrics Save-A-Thon. At Fabrics Save-A-Thon, you’ll find all kinds of fabric in a variety of textures, which the store has offered for purchase to the public since 1974. Whether you are making a quilt, some new curtains or even your own personalized garments, you can find everything you need at Fabrics Save-A-Thon. The helpful staff can measure out the perfect amount of fabric you need for your project and point you in the right direction of other supplies you might need, such as needles, thread and yarn. So get your next crafting project by perusing the selection at Fabrics Save-A-Thon!

2021: Brooklyn Voted Brooklyn General Store Best Fabric Store! (Tie)

Brooklyn General Store
128 Union St
(718) 237-7753 –

Brooklyn General is more than just a fabric shop, it is a guide to a way of life…a map that will guide you to the joy of making — and what better time to start creating than right now? Tucked away on a sweet block near the neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, and Red Hook, Brooklyn General Store was created in an effort to provide the highest quality materials from yarn and fabric to needling and embroidery tools, to a community of devoted artists and craftspeople and to promote making things by hand through inspiration and education. It’s certainly lived up to that reputation, and lives on as Brooklyn’s go-to fabric store!

2020: Brooklyn Voted Bismillah Fabrics Best Fabric Store! (Tie)

Bismillah Fabrics
930 Ditmas Ave
(718) 469-0545

Spice up your wardrobe with the latest trends sold at Bismillah Fabrics in Brooklyn. They carry a colorful selection of South Asian fashion trends for both kids and adults, specifically women’s clothing which includes: saris, shalwar kameez, lehengas and three-piece suits. Stand out from the crowd with their unique jewelry that’s brought in from trusted sellers. Bismillah Fabrics will also tailor your clothes in the store using the best fabric so you can walk away feeling wonderful and confident. Stop by the store today for the latest fashion and fabric!

2020: Brooklyn Voted J&A Fabrics Best Fabric Store! (Tie)

J&A Fabrics
909 5th Ave
(718) 238-1440 –

For every type of fabric imaginable, J&A Fabrics is your one-stop-shop from upholstery to apparel, they’ve got every need covered – and they’ve got the expertise to make sure you get it right. Carrying the widest range of fabrics including vinyl, silk, linen wool, rayon, microsuedes, velvet, leather, and more, there’s no reason to go anywhere else. Customers love J&A for their fair prices, wide variety, expertise, and dedication, so it’s no wonder they’re the best fabric store in Brooklyn!

2019: Brooklyn Voted Beautiful Fabrics Best Fabric Store!

Beautiful Fabrics
10-71 Flatbush Ave.
(718) 469-3975 –

All staff are trained interior decorators and collectively associates have over 100 years of experience in Drapery Fabric merchandising and management. Their local advertising slogan has evolved into “Experience our Experience” to highlight staff’s decorating acumen. They hope you sincerely enjoy your visual design experience while pursuing our Fabric Collection. Chenille Fabric’s Creative Tradition and unrivaled customer service consistently ranks us one of the leading Decorator Fabric websites. They constantly review thousands of the industry’s finest fabrics to assemble the latest trending designs in every color, pattern, and scale imaginable. Their Online Fabric Shops stock hundreds of first quality designer fabrics which are specifically suited for Draperies, upholstery, and bedding. All of Chenille Fabrics’ discount fabrics are without exception 100% first quality that will make any fabric fan happy.

2018: Brooklyn Voted J&A Fabrics Best Fabric Store!

J&A Fabrics

9005 5th Avenue / (718) 238-1440

At J&A Fabrics in Bay Ridge, it’s all about variety. J&A Fabrics has every type of fabric available and at the lowest prices. Not to mention a full array of services to match. From tailoring to reupholstery and custom orders, J&A Fabrics does it all — and they do it the best.