2021: Brooklyn Voted Baba’s Pierogies Best European Restaurant!

Baba’s Pierogies
295 3rd Ave
(718) 222-0777 – www.babasbk.com

Everyone in Brooklyn knows Baba’s Pierogies — and it’s because Baba’s Pierogies feels like home to anyone who eats there. This family-run, mom-and-pop business utilizes recipes passed down by Baba herself. From classic potato and sauerkraut to unique pierogies stuffed with ooey, gooey mac and cheese or spinach and feta, the team at “Baba’s BK” works hard to put fresh twists on classic favorites — with Baba’s approval, of course. Come on down and order a plate of your the pierogies you crave, or indulge in one of Baba’s savory sandwhiches, sides and (lest we forget to mention) dessert pierogies. Need we say more? After all, you don’t get more comfort food than pierogi!

2020: Brooklyn Voted Teresa’s Best European Restaurant! (Tie)

80 Montague St
(718) 797-3996www.teresasbrooklyn.com

Teresa’s has been a true staple and favorite among Brooklyn Heights residents ever since it opened in 1989. Teresa Brzozowska and her brother Bogdon have served up the greatest hits of Polish and Eastern European cuisine for the last three decades, including pierogis, blintzes, stuffed cabbage, and beef stroganoff. The diner is one of the few remaining family business holdouts on the chain-store-dominated Montague Street, which has turned the eatery into a favorite for hearty grub and a community hub.

2020: Brooklyn Voted Brooklyn Beet Company Best European Restaurant! (Tie)

Brooklyn Beet Company
7205 3rd Ave, Brooklyn
(347) 492-0020 – www.korzorestaurant.com

Bring home fresh veggies and herbs from The Brooklyn Beet Company’s small kitchen garden where aromatic herbs, heirloom tomatoes, Hungarian banana peppers, squash, beets and different roots grow within 20 feet of the stove. It serves as a beet ketchup, tomato ketchup, hot sauce, mustard, fruit preserve, dumpling and charcuterie laboratory. There is also a wine cellar with selections from regions of Eastern and Central Europe to explore, and cocktails created from fresh squeezed juices. For all of your organic food needs, the Brooklyn Beet Company is a place where real food and drinks are made and served in a pretense-free environment.

2019: Brooklyn Voted Baba’s Pierogies Best European Restaurant!

Baba’s Pierogies
295 3rd Ave.
(718) 222-0777 – www.babasbk.com

Baba’s is a cool, modern eatery spotlighting Eastern European pierogi with classic & nontraditional fillings. Their journey began one summer when they decided to set-up shop in our home kitchen in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. They opened a pierogi catering service starting with two simple fillings, cheese and potato. The demand was instantaneous and soon after we began adding new fillings to the menu, leading them to Baba’s Pierogies. Growing up, pierogies were made every Friday at grandma’s (baba’s) house. Everyone would excitedly wait for her to drop them in the boiling water. Once they were ready to eat, slow pokes didn’t stand a chance! They were gone as soon as they hit the bowl! The recipes used at Baba’s Pierogies have been taught to the owners directly by Baba herself.

2017: Brooklyn Voted Brooklyn Beet Company Best European!

Brooklyn Beet Company

7205 Third Avenue (347) 492-0020

When it comes to best European in the borough, you can’t beat the beet – the Brooklyn Beet, that is. Bay Ridge’s Brooklyn Beet Company, at home on the busy Third Avenue strip for a couple of years now, boasts an extensive menu of beet-centric Eastern and Central European dishes (like, the fan-favorite Brooklyn Beet burger), all of which are served in the eatery’s intimate, brick-lined dining space. Though, its burgers can’t take all the praise. Signature European dishes like the restaurant’s Turnip-Squash Dumplings and Lake Champlain Rabbit Street are also popular among patrons. With a menu you more than likely won’t see anywhere else, especially in its hometown, it’s no surprise Brooklyn Beet Company ends its year with best of the borough bragging rights.