2019: Brooklyn Voted Xin Chinese Restaurant Best Chinese!

Xin Chinese Restaurant
8320 3rd Avenue
(347) 662-6222

Xin is upscale Chinese cuisine in the heart of Bay Ridge. Join them for a great meal, specialty martinis and a dessert menu unlike any other. You’ll love their portions, making Xin excellent family cuisine. Some signature dishes include T-Bone Steak with black pepper Sauce, Filet Mignon with Baby Bok Choy, Mongolian Beef Cube, Three Peppers Steak Kew, Volcano Steak Kew, Xin Steak Kew, Gold Coin Filet Mignon, Xin Rack of Lamb, Dragon & Phoenix and their Chicken and Three Peppers, although that doesn’t even begin to list all of Xin’s excellent specials. It’s all at a great price and offering convenient, timely delivery service, making for the best Chinese food experience in New York, a place where having the best Chinese food experience matters more than anywhere else.

2017: Brooklyn Voted Xin Best Chinese!


8320 Third Avenue (347) 662-6222 www.xinbrooklyn.com

This upscale and high-class Chinese restaurant at the corner of 83th Street and Third Avenue in the heart of Bay Ridge swept the competition with plenty of bragging rights, but perhaps the most important is its take-home of the title of best Chinese restaurant well beyond its hometown in south Brooklyn. It’s extensive menu boasts not just a hearty amount of critically acclaimed starters, but it is also home to some of the most inventive takes on classic Chinese dishes (like, general tso’s chicken and everyone’s favorite, dumplings), as well as specialty drinks and desserts. All of it priced reasonably and served beautifully, it’s no wonder why Xin, one of the Ridge’s newest restaurants, takes the cake for best Chinese in the borough.