2022: Brooklyn Voted Good Shepherd Catholic Academy Best Catholic School!

Good Shepherd Catholic Academy
19-43 Brown St
(718) 339-2745 – goodshepherdbklyn.org

If you are looking for the best private Catholic education for your children, Good Shepherd Catholic Academy should be on your radar. Good Shepherd aims to provide an excellent education to its students in a safe and secure learning environment. Through their Catholic-based curriculum, the school prides itself on teaching its students to love and respect each other, themselves and their community while providing the knowledge and skills needed for success in life. Good Shepherd also has a variety of extracurricular activities for all ages, including sports (swimming, track, basketball, baseball/softball and t-ball), music and after-school clubs.Your child is guaranteed to have a well-rounded education and experience at Good Shepherd Catholic Academy.

2021: Brooklyn Voted Midwood Catholic Academy Best Catholic School!

Midwood Catholic Academy
1501 Hendrickson St, Brooklyn
(718) 377-1800 – www.midwoodcatholicacademy.org

Midwood Catholic Academy builds character and works hard to promote an atmosphere of true learning. In a world where negative values seem to be reinforced, Midwood Catholic Academy prides itself on teaching its students the meaning of honesty, respect, and caring through rigorous but relatable Religious instruction. The faculty at Midwood Catholic Academy aims to foster a “creative structure” which gives each child a pattern for his or her learning and sets up a schedule and system for getting things accomplished – and there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished at Brooklyn’s Best Catholic Academy.

2020: Brooklyn Voted St Bernadette Catholic Academy Best Catholic School!

St Bernadette Catholic Academy
1313 83rd St, Brooklyn
(718) 236-1560 – www.stbernnk.org

Serving Brooklyn for over 60 years, St. Bernadette Catholic Academy is a shining star in Dyker Heights. A faculty of religious sisters and lay teachers combine to provide an education based both on Catholic tenents and academic excellence. St. Bernadette’s faculty have been recognized three times by the National Catholic Education Alliance – twice for teachers, and once for their principal, due to their commitment to their students. St. Bernadette students routinely receive scholarships for their high school educations – with 2019 graduates receiving over $1.1 Million in scholarship funds. St. Bernadette is truly the best investment for your child’s future!