2019: Brooklyn Voted Choc-Oh! Lot Plus Best Candy Store!

Choc-Oh! Lot Plus
7911 5th Ave.
(718) 748-8200 – www.chocohlotplus.com

Whether your choice is a modern favorite or a selection from your childhood they have it at Choc-Oh! Lot Plus. They also have over 98 varieties of chocolate. With an extensive selection of candy and chocolates to choose from you are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Choose from an array of pretzels dipped in chocolate, Oreo®, M&Ms®, and toffee toppings. Large selections of chocolate truffles are also available. With jars of gummy bears, Swedish Fish®, Mary Janes®, and much more, you can always find your favorite candy at Choc-Oh! Lot Plus. They are also a source for supplies to make and decorate cakes, cookies, brownies and cupcakes. They carry a large selection of metal cake molds, cookie sheets, gourmet cake mixes, and decorating supplies. Learn a new, fun skill at Choc-Oh! Lot Plus in Brooklyn, New York.

2017: Brooklyn Voted IT’SUGAR Best Candy Store!


1232 Surf Avenue (718) 265-3021 www.itsugar.com

Founded in 2006 by Jeff Rubin, IT’SUGAR was designed to be a modern day playground dedicated to immersing candy-lovers in content that they just can’t keep to themselves. IT’SUGAR was created to satisfy a universal sweet tooth and provide a variety of bold merchandise, sure to keep customers coming back for more.