2019: Brooklyn Voted Sugar Coated Bakery Best Cake!

Sugar Coated Bakery
1078 65th St.
(718) 259-9885 – www.sugarcoatedny.com

“Sweet things made with love,” is the motto of this Brooklyn bakery, which features everything from custom baking to gingerbread house design classes. Sugar Coated Bakery is the place to get the cake you’ve been thinking about for that special day or event. Their goods are as sweet as their name. They can make whatever you’re looking for to liven up whatever you need. Talented bakers making custom cakes that are sure to impress and sure to be as delicious as they are beautiful to look at. They allow you to pick from a wealth of designs on their website and place your custom order. Soon, you’ll have a delicious cake that you’ll almost hate spoiling, it looks so good. But it tastes just as sweet.

2017: Brooklyn Voted Villabate Alba Best Cake!

Villabate Alba

7001 18th Avenue (718) 331-8430 www.villabate.com

Italian cakes and pastries are baked with love, experience and professionalism at Villabate Alba. After years of hard work as simple, Sicilian breadmakers in bakeries all over Brooklyn, Angelo Alaimo and his son Emanuele finally reached their goal and opened a place of their own in 1979, Villabate of 18th Avenue– named after their hometown. At their bakery they brought only the finest in Italian creations, from cookies to cakes to pastries and of course, breads. As a family-owned and run business, the Alaimo family dedicate themselves to delivering only the most authentic Italian goods.