2019: Brooklyn Voted Calexico Best Burrito!

645 Manhattan Ave.
(347) 763-2129 – www.calexico.com

Calexico is a small town on the border of California and Mexico. Everything is a hybrid: the people, the language, and especially the food. The owners of Calexico have lived in and around Calexico for generations. When the three of them moved to New York City, they were blown away by the variety and quality of the food. But no matter where they looked, they couldn’t find anything that could satisfy their craving for hometown cuisine. So they set up shop on a sidewalk in SoHo, selling tacos and burritos from a tiny street cart. Fast-forward a few years. They’re still slinging tacos and burritos, only now they do it from restaurants: in New York, Detroit, and Bahrain.

2017: Brooklyn Voted Calexico Best Burrito!


645 Manhattan Avenue (347) 763-2129 www.calexico.net

Combing the best of southern California flare with the flavorful punch of Mexican cuisine, this Greenpoint joint – with three other locations in Brooklyn and two in Manhattan – allows you to be transported to a place where quality cuisine is King. Calexico burritos are out-of-this-world good and will have you itching for more of those delicious hybrid flavors.