2019: Brooklyn Voted Duff’s Best Beer and Shot Special Bar!

168 Marcy Ave.
(718) 599-2092 – www.duffsbrooklyn.com

Duff’s initially opened as “Bellevue Bar” in the Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan in 1999, before moving to Brooklyn in 2004 with a name change to Duff’s Brooklyn. The original Brooklyn location was at 28 North 3rd St., where the bar resided from December 2004 to December 2008. Due to the rapid gentrification of area, the bar was forced relocate in December 2008. The bar reopened in December 2008 on Williamsburg’s gritty South Side (168 Marcy Avenue), in a space four times larger than the original bar. Duff’s is frequented by Tri-State metal heads and rock n’ rollers, and is a stop off for many heavy metal bands passing through New York City on tours. Some visitors of note have been Rob Zombie, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Kerry King of Slayer, Celtic Frost, Exodus, Lamb of God, Machine Head, Suffocation, The Sword, and many others.

2017: Brooklyn Voted PC’s Bar & Grill Best Beer and Shot Special Bar!

PC’s Bar & Grill
7215 Fifth Avenue (718) 491-2845 www.facebook.com/pcsbarandgrill

Although there are countless bars in the city, there are very few that you would consider affordable. That leaves you always looking for the best special menu that a bar has to offer. Out of all the local watering holes, PC’s Bar & Grill delivers the best bang for your buck. Here, you’ll find the best beer and shot specials.