2019: Brooklyn Voted The Soccer Tavern Best Bar!

The Soccer Tavern
6004 8th Ave.
(718) 439-9336 – www.thesoccertavern.com

Soccer Tavern is an Irish pub tucked away in the heart of Brooklyn’s Chinatown, and has been in operation since the prohibition era in 1929. The former speakeasy is located on 8th Avenue, which was once packed with Norwegian and Scandinavian businesses, donning the nickname “Lapskaus Boulevard.” Due to a wave of immigration in the 1980s and 90s, the neighborhood is now primarily Chinese, providing a melting pot Scandinavian, Irish, and Asian culture. Underneath and next to day spas, eye doctors, and insurance companies, sits the family-run Soccer Tavern. The old school bar encompasses the true spirit of Sunset Park, and has become a neighborhood staple for old-timers and newcomers alike, and serves the community with a drink and a smile as you enjoy your evening out.

2017: Brooklyn Voted The Soccer Tavern Best Bar!

The Soccer Tavern
6004 Eighth Avenue (718) 439-9336 www.thesoccertavern.com

There’s something to be said about a bar that’s passed the test of time and remains as relevant and popular as it was when the doors first opened. The Soccer Tavern has done just that. Opened in 1932, this favorite venue for bar hoppers located in Sunset Park, has an atmosphere that can be appreciated by all walks of life. Whether you love sports or just fun, there’s a reason why its countless competitors have shut their doors and The Soccer Tavern remains a Brooklyn gem.