2019: Brooklyn Voted Tabla Rasa Gallery Best Art Gallery!

Tabla Rasa Gallery
224 48th St.
(718) 833-9100 – www.tablarasagallery.com

American artists’ modern work in a variety of media is displayed at this historic carriage house. Perhaps no city in the world can boast as many opportunities as New York City, and Brooklyn’s Tabla Rasa Gallery brings all of the prestige and creativity of the artworld right to your door. Featuring individual and group exhibitions and all other forms of art, Tabla Rasa provides a warm, intimate environment that allows you and anyone you know an opportunity to connect with some of the great works available in the entire city. Located just three “N” EXPRESS stops from 14th Street/Union Square to 36th Street or four “D” express stops from West 4th Street/Washington Square to 36th Street in Brooklyn, and one local “R” train stop to 45th Street.

2018: Brooklyn Voted Bay Ridge Art Space Best Art Gallery!

Bay Ridge Art Space
Third Avenue and 86th Street (347) 719-2787
If you’re looking for a top notch art gallery, look no further. The Bay Ridge Art Space is a unique art space presented by Alonsa Guevara and James Raczkowski, two professional working artists that hold Master Degrees in Fine Arts from The New York Academy of Art. The offer premier private art lessons for children and adults. On a rolling basis, a small number of students will be admitted and priority will be given to those who show a strong desire to develop their artistic practice and skills. Private art lessons are provided for children and adults, from beginner to advanced students, making it the perfect venue to hone your craft.