2019: Brooklyn Voted Bunna Café Best African Restaurant!

Bunna Café
1084 Flushing Avenue
(347) 295-2227 – www.bunnaethiopia.net

Bunna Cafe knows that coffee is everything in Ethiopia. Not only does it drive the economy, but it drives everyday life. Ethiopians drink coffee multiple times a day, be it as an espresso, cortado, or through the traditional coffee ceremony — the intricate, intimate process of making coffee from raw bean to brew while bringing people together in conversation and celebration as the process develops. They perform the coffee ceremony regularly at our events, and they serve Bunna for free to their guests. Bunna Cafe serve vegan Ethiopian food: hearty, wholesome, nutritious, and packed with flavor. Full of vitamins, healthy fats, veggie proteins, and fiber, their food adds creative twists to vegan recipes that have been refined and cultivated over many centuries. They serve traditional Ethiopian alcohol. They also create our own specialty cocktails.

2017: Brooklyn Voted Bar Omar Best African Restaurant!

Bar Omar

188 Grand Street (718) 388-0411 www.chez-omar.com
A little slice of Paris in Northern Brooklyn, Bar Omar – the sister shop of the original Chez Omar in France – is the best in the borough for cuisine of its kind. Located in the heart of Williamsburg, right on Grand Street, Bar Omar’s buzzy, sophisticated nook serves up creative cocktails and classic North African dishes like couscous and tagine. Adorned with antique-looking mirrors and a storied menu that plays off its predecessor’s in Paris, Bar Omar is a mini getaway for Brooklynites looking for a night of fine African dining.